You have what it takes to save lives and touch hearts.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of PMI, serving as receptionists, client advocates, support-group facilitators, mentors, gardeners, fundraisers, clothing sorters, church representatives, and more. No matter what your gifts and abilities are, there’s a role for you at PMI!

Who can volunteer?

PMI volunteers are men and women who love Jesus, are active in their church, live in sexual purity, and have a heart of compassion for those in pregnancy-related crises.

What if I’ve never helped at a pregnancy center before?

No previous experience or special skills are necessary. We train our volunteers and equip them for their tasks, so all you need is a loving heart and a desire to learn!

“Volunteering is very rewarding... serving others that are in need, while serving God to bring glory to Him.”
Angie Jones
Volunteer at Shippensburg Center
“My favorite thing about working at PMI is the clients and other workers. I enjoy the friendships.”
Susan Farhney
Volunteer Client Advocate

Call the nearest center to find your place at PMI.

God can use you to reach the uncertain and the scared.

Linda Barr, Executive Director

It was quite a few years ago, but I still remember a client who came in with a difficult pregnancy decision. She was unmarried and uncertain about the relationship she was in, thinking abortion was a good option for her. 

She attended a local church, at least sporadically, and she mentioned that in the “reception” line after church, she said something to the pastor about her dilemma and about getting an abortion. He told her that would be against God.

“Why do you think he said that?” I asked her. 

She didn’t know. 

At that point we went through a booklet called What Does God Say About Abortion?  We went over the various Bible passages, and the Lord used His Word to soften her heart. 

She came back 8 months later to show off her baby. We had prepared a  layette (a gift of baby clothing and other items) and I helped her load everything into her car.

As we stood in the parking lot, I asked her, “Do you remember eight months ago when you first came in?” 

Tears welled up in her eyes. She said, “Yes, I do, and I’m so glad I decided to carry.”

God is at work at PMI. Contact us today to join the team!

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