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“We used protection, but I found myself looking down at a positive test anyway. It was the worst possible time for us. I was scared. How could I let this happen? This is the worst possible time to have another baby. I never felt this scared in my life. And then for a moment I thought, ‘What if I just took something or went and saw whoever? It’s early enough. It doesn’t matter.’ We went to PMI and the women there loved us. Loved our little one. We could tell. They helped us apply for assistance, look for housing listings, set up medical care, Wic, foodboxes, maternity clothes, etc. They were loving and supportive. And now, I look at my sweet girl and know that our lives would not be complete without her. We are so thankful that PMI was there to help.”

Anonymous, Former Client.

PMI connects passionate and loving supporters
with the clients who need them.

Our volunteers are humans with big hearts.

“I was a preschool teacher before coming to PMI. I also did the book work for my husband’s construction business. It seemed overwhelming when I first started at PMI, but the people are very nice. The best way they have helped me is by being nice, so I’m not afraid to ask questions or go to them for help. My favorite thing about working here is helping people with material resources and talking to them. PMI has given me an awareness of how many more people there are that need help emotionally, spiritually, and physically.”
Joyce Shew
Volunteer Receptionist

We bring change to our culture one life at a time
by offering love and compassion to those
who feel vulnerable and uncertain.

With your help, we continue to impact our community.

Thanks to generous and loving people like you, we helped over 250 clients last year. That includes over 150 young women who left our centers with hope and life-giving support for their pregnancy. It includes over 70 young men and women who left our centers with assurance, knowing that they were STD-free, or if not STD-free, confident that they would be healthy soon thanks to our treatment.

But most importantly, that includes more than 250 hearts touched with the love and grace of God shown by our volunteers and staff in each interaction.

That’s big change. Let’s keep it going!

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