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Because of your help, all our services are free to clients like Carly.

Carly's Story

When Carly came to PMI, her thoughts were running to abortion to escape the pressures of an unplanned pregnancy. During their discussion, Carly asked her client advocate if she had information about the abortion pill to help her in her decision-making. After Carly agreed, the PMI staff member brought out the center’s iPad with the Before You Decide app. The app educates clients on fetal development, abortion procedures and risks, and alternative options of parenting and adoption. Following the clip on the abortion pill, the Client Advocate asked if this information helped.

Carly commented, “This makes a decision for abortion harder to make.”

Two weeks later, Carly called to say she was choosing life! She decided to come in for our Earn While You Learn program for education on healthy pregnancy and infant care.

If you’re in a situation like Carly’s, let us know. We want to help.

Services and Programs

Our many services allow us to support clients like Carly during their most vulnerable and stressful seasons. Through pregnancy testing, ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, and STI testing and treatment,  we offer answers to our clients’ uncertainty. If pregnancy is confirmed, we talk with them about their options, including educating them about adoption and putting them in touch with adoption agencies if they are interested in learning more. If they want, we can also teach expectant moms and dads about pregnancy and caring for an infant. We can refer them to other resources in the area, and as the pregnancy progresses, we can provide maternity and baby items.

Earn While You Learn (EWYL)

Through EWYL, clients like Carly and Hillary earn Baby Bucks by attending individualized educational sessions. In these sessions, clients learn about pregnancy, fetal development, labor and delivery, infant care, and healthy choices. They meet one-on-one with a trained volunteer, where the client’s specific needs and concerns can be discussed. Clients can then use Baby Bucks to shop in our centers’ resource rooms and purchase items, including maternity and baby clothing, baby furniture, formula, diapers, and other items donated to PMI by individuals in the community.

Hillary with the stroller and car seat she purchased in the EWYL program.

Hillary's Story

After having four little boys, Hillary and her husband were elated that they were expecting a baby girl. They saw all of their children as great blessings! Thanks to generous donors, Hillary was so grateful to be able to purchase a new car seat and a new double stroller from our resource rooms, using the Baby Bucks she earned through EWYL.

Sexual Integrity Program (SIP)

Clients with negative pregnancy tests are offered a seven-week program designed to promote a chaste, pure lifestyle until marriage. The value of sexual abstinence is discussed as well as the physical, emotional, and spiritual risks of being sexually active outside of marriage.

Hey, Dad!

The mission of this program is to challenge, encourage, and equip men to succeed in their God-given role as fathers. We offer educational group classes to prepare new dads for the practical and spiritual aspects of fatherhood.

Restore (formerly Pure Grace 101)

Significant problems can develop months, or even years after an abortion. Restore gives confidential, compassionate support to men and women who have experienced an abortion decision. This program offers one-on-one or group sessions where they can work through an 11-week Bible study called “Forgiven and Set Free.”

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