Our Team

Meet our team!

We can do more together than we ever could alone.


Linda Barr

Executive Director

Linda oversees the whole ministry, from finances to policies, and everything in between. She keeps PMI running smoothly and prayerfully helps it grow.

Maggie Wantz

Chambersburg Center Administrative Director

Maggie manages the day-to-day operations and office volunteers at the Chambersburg center.  She also oversees the client statistics and administrative aspects of the center.

Deb MacAskill

Chambersburg Center Client Services Director

Deb manages the volunteers in the material-support services, ensuring that material donations are prepared and organized for the clients.

Robin Kell

Shippensburg Center Director &
Center Operations

Robin oversees the administrative and day-to-day aspects of the Shippensburg center. She also provides oversight and guidance in the three centers’ client-related activities. 

Cindy Rotz

Greencastle Center Director

Cindy keeps the Greencastle center going by meeting with clients, helping her client advocates, and maintaining records for the center.

Sara Hollinshead

Waynesboro Center Director

Sara keeps the Waynesboro center going by meeting with clients, helping her client advocates, and maintaining records for the center.

Ruth Schuler

Abortion Recovery Director

Ruth leads PMI’s abortion recovery program, called Restore. She personally helps clients with abortion recovery and leads them through a healing study to find restoration with God and freedom in their lives. Ruth also assists Robin Kell at the Shippensburg Center with administrative tasks, client pregnancy tests, and client STI screenings.

Cindy Booher

Nurse Manager

Cindy oversees the provision of client services in the medical ultrasound program and STD testing and treatment.  She supervises volunteer nurses and paid RNs.

Tiffany Miller

Outreach and Event Coordinator

Tiffany plans and coordinates various events, fundraising, and PR outreach for PMI, including the Annual Walk for Life and the Annual Celebration Dinner.

Nicole Elliot

Secretary and Bookkeeper

Nicole oversees the clerical and secretarial duties for PMI.  She also performs all the bookkeeping duties, financial reports, and taxes.

Daria Rogatis-Smith

Registered Nurse

Daria is currently in training to perform first-trimester ultrasound scans.  As an RN, once fully trained, she will assist in the ultrasound and STD-testing services of the ministry.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets and oversees goals, policies, and procedures for the ministry. It also determines our financial policies and is responsible for development of budget strategies. 

  • Mike Brown, President
  • Jeff Ehko, Vice President
  • Dorlene Lyons, Treasurer
  • Dale Nolt, Assistant Treasurer
  • Barb Hummer, Secretary
  • Megan VanKampen, Assistant Secretary

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors provides guidance and direction in their areas of expertise as requested.

  • Paul Bitner
  • J. Emerson Peckman
  • Ron Sisto
  • Linden Showalter
  • Dr. H. Wallace Brubaker
  • John Mallin
  • C. Kenneth Shannon
  • Nina C. VanKampen
  • Paul Schemel

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