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Abortion in our church family?

REPORT: Study of women who have had an abortion & their views on church

You might be surprised by the findings of this 2015 study.

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What really goes on at pregnancy centers?

REPORT: The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Find out what a pregnancy center is — and is not. In contrast to the conjecture provided by critics of pregnancy centers, this free report is based on widely collected data, client satisfaction surveys covering thousands of people, analysis of agreed-upon standards and practices, and stories from real clients.

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Become Empowered to Help Women Considering Abortion

Ebook: 10 Things Not to Do When a Woman Tells You She Wants an Abortion

Talking about an unplanned pregnancy can be tough. Sometimes talking to someone you love can be even harder! But we’ve got you covered. Download this simple, practical guide to give you the knowledge and encouragement you need to speak the truth with compassion to someone facing a pregnancy decision.

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Effectively Defend Your Pro-Life Position

Ebook: Why Pro-Life by best-selling author Randy Alcorn.

Talking about abortion can be hard, but “Why Pro Life?” makes it a lot easier! Learn how to answer questions such as:

  • What Makes a Human Life ‘Meaningful?’
  • Is Abortion Really a Women’s Rights Issue?
  • How Can I Help Unborn Babies and Their Mothers?

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How does abortion effect men?

Ebook: Fatherhood Aborted by Guy Condon & David Hazard

The postabortion emotional trauma suffered by women is becoming widely known. But until now, no book has addressed the emotional devastation of men who have been involved in the abortion of a child. The authors discuss the aftershocks of abortion, including violence, addictive behaviors, isolation, resistance to authority, and difficulty bonding with women and children.

Engaging fathers is the next step in winning the pro-life effort.  We need to make sure that fathers see the value of life as they influence the women around them.

By reading this book, and encouraging your friends to read it, you will understand where the pro-life movement needs to go, and help be an ambassador for this important cause.

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Chalkboard - Abortion

Looking for well-documented abortion statistics?

Ebook: Top 40 Abortion Statistics in America

This new eBook has 40 key statistics about abortion. You will get a helpful overview of the facts surrounding abortion, and be able to engage others with accurate, documented research. Updated March 2017
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