by Robin Kell, Center Director

Where are they now?

Every now and then God gives a glimpse of the impact we have had on our clients.  Recently at an outreach event to promote PMI services a young woman came up and said “Do you remember me?”  I said, “Yes.”  She went on to share how grateful she was for the help we had given her during her unplanned pregnancy many years ago.

I remember sitting across from her on the day she read a positive pregnancy test.  She looked at me and said, “How did this happen?” I smiled at her. As she looked back at me, she said, “I know how it happened.  I just cannot believe that this is happening to me.”

During her time at PMI, we were able to offer her the emotional support that she needed during a difficult time in her life.  You see, the father of the baby was offering no support to her.

Fast forward to 2017, her son is almost a teenager and they are now attending church.  When we show the same compassion that Jesus had for others, we can’t help turning their hearts to the One that can truly change their life for the better.

Thank you for the many ways you support PMI.  It is because of your faithfulness that lives are being touched and changed for the Kingdom of God.


The Greencastle Center

By Cindy Rotz, Greencastle Center Director

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:10

As clients come for testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), we see that many do not understand that the more partners they have, the greater their risk for STI’s. Clients keep telling us that no one told them the information that we share with them. I am glad that PMI is here to educate them.

In 2016, the Greencastle center moved to a new location with better community exposure. This move has opened many new doors and more of those that need us are aware of our presence. If you have not seen our new center at 14 S. Carlisle Street, please call us some time for a tour.

Each day brings new challenges for us at the center and this is where our prayer team is so essential. This team holds us up in prayer each week and is a vital part of our ministry. If you are interested in joining our email prayer team, please call 717-597-2447 or email


What would it be like?

by Joan Lindenmuth, Administrative Director @ the Chambersburg Center

What would happen if you got pregnant at age 14?  Have you ever thought about it?  I mean really thought about it!  Let’s go there for a minute…a 14-year-old girl that is pregnant.  What exactly are some of the dilemmas that she would face?

First dilemma may be the one of a missed period. Her total focus maybe on “why” she missed her period. Then maybe the next month another missed period.  “Should I tell my boyfriend?  Can’t tell my parents…yet! How will my boyfriend respond?  He surely loves me!  I think!”  Finally, the day comes and the boyfriend knows, but, still no period!  “Oh, no…am I going to have to tell my parents!  There is always an abortion! No one would know that way!  My boyfriend will keep it our secret…won’t he?”

The day comes that the parents are going to have to know.  So how is that done?  What exactly is she going to say to her parents?  Or what if you are the parent of a 14 year old who IS pregnant?

So much happens when a girl finds out she is pregnant at 14 or 15 or even 16!  And the initial shock can be overwhelming for the girl and the parents. Somehow, though, they get through it.  The girl, the boyfriend and even the parents get through the struggles of the pregnancy.  BUT not without support!  A pregnancy center brings that support to the girl, boyfriend and parents and relieves them from the burden of doing this alone.  Our peer counselors work with each client in their own unique situation.  They provide them with comfort, strength, hope and education to help each girl strive with endurance to succeed.


Children are a Gift from the Lord

by Linda Barr, Executive Director

 A big part of baby showers — apart from the food and games — is the opening of gifts.  As each one is opened, thank you’s are mouthed and many “ooh’s and aah’s” are heard.  What a pleasant atmosphere!  But, what a different climate in the room if suddenly the mom-to-be would open a gift and exclaim, “I didn’t want THIS!” and proceeded to throw it in the trash with the torn wrapping paper.  That is just not something we do — it is a gift.  We appreciate the thought and the giver’s intention.

“Children are a gift from the Lord.” (Psalm 127:3) and yet daily those gifts are unappreciated and thrown away like torn wrapping paper and many literally thrown in the trash.

What if, after the chaos of a celebration, a cherished gift received is missing.  But too late, the trash has been collected and gone.  Sorrow comes as the loss is felt.  How much greater is that sorrow when it is the gift of a child — a child that was not mistakenly, but intentionally, discarded in an abortion.  When the realization sinks in, it may seem unbearable.  At PMI, we are here to offer hope and help through the healing power of Jesus Christ in our Pure Grace 101 post-abortion ministry.

At PMI, children are seen as a gift from the Lord as mothers and fathers are guided and nurtured and compassion is shown to the post-abortive woman.  Appointments are scheduled to afford us the time to spend with each person.  We want them to feel special — that we cherish them and their unborn child as gifts from the Lord.

At PMI, we are here as a life-affirming ministry serving teens and young adults through STD testing and treatment, sexual integrity education, pregnancy support, and abortion recovery. Many of our clients face difficult choices — choices that will impact their future and the future of subsequent generations.  Our goal is to educate and walk alongside our clients to encourage them in making healthier life choices — providing hope and help for this generation and the next.